Monday, May 25, 2009

Update Catch Up -- PART 3

I received my passport!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO WOO!!!!!

I never thought that a little booklet filled with colorful pages would make me feel so alive and mature. Reon and I are "planning" several trips... now that I can actually take them! LOL. Who knows if we will go on them all, but it is nice to dream. *relaxing sigh*

However, we WILL be going to Mexico sooner than later!!! Fingers crossed for next summer! I have it in my sights and you all know what that means! LOL

(we're thinking the Riviera Maya)

It is an awesome feeling to know that now I can travel the World. Watch out, here I come!


  1. Catherine said...
    I so need to get my passport! Good for you!
    Marti said...
    Oh! I'd love to jump right in that photo!
    Darlene said...
    Very cool to have a passport. Best of luck on your trips. You have many years to wear out that passport!!!
    Kris said...
    so exciting!

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