Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well, Reon must be completely beside himself that he has experienced racing two weekends in a row. Last weekend, he got to drive the race cars in an open track, but this time he actually got to ride in the Pace car for the racers warm-up run. It was so funny to see him, he was like a little kid on Christmas.

We were there supporting a friend who actually participates in the races. He did spin out and we saw a race car roll over, and then over again landing back on the wheels. It was a little scary but all in all it was safe fun. When Pete brought the car back in, we played around and sat in it making "Vrooming" noises trying to fully appreciate the racing experience. I have to say it very easy to get in, but getting out does present it's challenges!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jay's Update

Diagnosis: Sprained ligament in shoulder

Prescription: Tylenol and rest


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Fun

Yet again we had a very fun-filled but busy weekend! (With many more to come also!!!)

Friday was Reon's softball game which turned out to be "almost" a shut out for his team. They won and did a great job playing! Laila and Lane came out to the late game in support and watched as Reon made the best hit in his softball playing career. He did a great job. Jay, our friend and Reon's team mate, made an amazing playing... running from third base to home, trying to beat the speed of the ball flying to home base, he dove and rolled like a tumble weed. Unfortunately he both was tagged out and he hurt his shoulder REALLY badly. He was out of commission for the rest of the game and probably for the rest of the season, if not more! The really neat part is that Lane filled in for him during the last inning and made some nice plays himself, avoiding a ball that popped right up and almost knocked him out TOO!

After the game, Reon helped Jay get his stuff to the car, made a makeshift sling out of his windbreaker, started Jay's car and sent him off to his Brother-in-law so that he could look at his shoulder at 1 a.m. !!! We haven't heard if he is okay, so we are really hoping that it was just a sprain and nothing actually tore! Poor Jay, We're thinking of you! Get well soon!

Saturday, we travelled to Canada for a wedding near Point Pelee. Beautiful Day for a wedding! It was a nice little outdoor ceremony with birds chirping and the wind blowing just enough.
In between the ceremony and the reception we had to kill some time so we drove around by the Lake and then stopped off at Shoppers Drug Mart for some water (I was parched!) Once in the store, I spotted the "Dairy" section and I started salivating for MILK. Fact: I'm addicted to skim milk! So, I gave in to my craving and bought a liter of milk and drank it all up! It was a great little treat.
We got to the reception and caught up with some friends of ours and some of Reon's old co-workers from Centerline. We enjoyed this fabulous lemon chicken and the rest of the reception with dancing, laughing and fun!

Congratulations Shawn and Charlene! <3

Sunday was more busy for Reon than myself (except for the massive grocery shopping that I embarked on!) Reon got to fulfill probably the biggest fantasy of his life. He went to South Haven (almost 3 hours away) and went racing with Classic Design Concepts' race cars. He woke up at 4:30 a.m. and got there at 7:30ish to sit in on the racer's meeting to learn all of the rules and regulations. Now, he can cross off a big To-Do off of his list of things that he wants to accomplish in his life! I am so glad he had that experience. I hope he doesn't want a race car now though!
I am going to finish the last little bit of the Pieces of Me box. Can't wait until it is done so then I can scrap my furbaby, Snowball's mini album! I already have some GREAT pictures to include.

For now, ta ta!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

*** New Hobby ***

Okay, now I know this is going to sound CRAZY but last night I was up until 4 o'clock in the morning with my new found interest: C-SPAN! I love it! It is so interesting to watch all about the process that our Congress is going through everyday. I have always been interested in Government and now I will have C-SPAN on all day long. Last night, they had hearings on the U.S. Attorneys and there was intense interrogations! Very interesting. Then the next showing was of the Passport and Visa concerns, and obviously that caught my attention. I had no idea how entertaining Politics (to this level) could be to watch. I am so enthralled I will most likely have C-SPAN on the TV all the time.... I am going to be a wealth of Political and Governmental knowledge!

C-SPAN Junkie :-)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Okay I am really excited that my next scrapping adventure has started! This is my Pieces of Me box. I enjoyed scrapping the outside of the best find ever- Target $.99, complete with tabs inside! Each tab is going to showcase all of the roles that I have in my life. Here are the tabs: Daughter, Protector, Lover, Confidante, Friend, Sister, Shopper, Auntie, Entertainer, Thinker. I already have TONS of ideas to put into each one! I am psyched about the mini puzzle pieces that I bought... each tab will also have a puzzle piece that all make up ME! I'll be sure to keep posting them once they are completed.

P.S. I'll be posting a page that goes along with these soon.......

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Inner Peace

Wow! I never actually thought I would get to this point..... I finally feel this sort of inner piece within myself and for probably the funniest reason ever! Our pictures are FINALLY organized!!!!

This has been a task that I have been hoping to complete at every break during the school year, finally I said, "NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!" Within a few hours it was done and I can't believe how much peace I have from this completion. I am able to finally know that when a new picture is printed, it has a home! I even cut out extra organizers for the future.

Reon agreed that he won't touch the boxes (considering the last time I had them organized, he knocked over the box!) However, this was a blessing in disguise because now the pictures are sorted better and more complete.

One "to-do" crossed off my list.... finally I get to take in a deep breath... let it out with a peaceful sigh all to know that I am truly ORGANIZED!