Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why do people think that they are the experts on how I should live my life? Recently, it has occurred to me that many people feel that they have the right to express all of their opinions. Frankly, I am done. I'm done hearing all of the comments on how Reon and I have chosen to live out our lives. I'm done fluffing off those comments, "pretending" like the words aren't hurtful, because they are. All of this makes me wonder if people even realize how they come across.

The opinions are endless, "suggesting"; when we should have kids, when we should buy a house, when our unconditional love will change because we aren't newlyweds anymore, when I am supposed to breathe! Why is this supposedly acceptable?

In my book, it is not, "learn from my mistakes" ... it is one person's mistake is another person's opportunity. I would love if Reon and I were able to live out our opportunities.

How we choose to live out our life is a personal preference, that's why it's called PERSONAL! Life is a journey, let us live it without criticism.