Monday, June 25, 2007

Saturday Night Fun

I can honestly say that I have never done THIS on a Saturday night before!
Laila and Lane came over for some drinks and fun! They brought a few games, Golden Tee and Cranium- Turbo Edition. As we made our drinks with Lots o' limes, we played Golden Tee. I was winning until the Rum hit me a little bit more than normal, and went from -7 to +3 at the 18th hole!
We decided to break away from the golfing game and pulled out Cranium, where we found a big ball of purple crystallized dough! That wasn't going to work and we couldn't play without it or sculpturades wouldn't be the same. So, Laila had the brilliant idea of making our own playdough; complete with green food coloring.
It actually turned out great!
We truly had a blast playing all night long where the final winners were the guys......

I guess we are going to need a rematch!