Friday, July 18, 2008

Here We Go!

After a long and exciting week of activities and travel we are heading out to a beautiful vacation spot over-looking Potato Lake in Park Rapids, Minnesota! I can't wait to have some R & R, sit by the beach and read my books. We are going to try to go horseback riding (which we have wanted to do for a while but haven't the chance) and just enjoy the view! I will post pics when we get back!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

We are so excited to have our niece, Jada visiting us and her dad for the summer!! We have been doing so many fun things with her, and this weekend we took her camping as a summer treat and also a special belated birthday present! We did so much stuff that now I can barely keep my eyes open and my fingers moving to post this little update because I am SO tired from all the FUN we had this weekend!

Friday Jada and I spent all day getting ready and packing up all the camping equipment (including a few special animal friends that HAD to join us!) We filled the car up to the top with all the goodies!!!

(Here is Jada entertaining herself with her sticker book as we drove to the camp!)

Once we got there, we unpacked the car and starting setting up our "home" for the weekend. Jada just had to help her Uncle Reon set up the tent!!!

After the tent was all set up it was time to start the fire so that we could cook dinner. Unfortunately we had a little trouble getting the campfire started and recruited several other campers to help. It took four guys (including Reon) and their expertise to get that fire started but once it was started boy was it great!!!!

(Uncle Reon and Jada enjoying our fire-cooked dinner!)

The first night Jada met a friend two campsites over named Max! They were inseparable all weekend! They had so much fun....

After a long day, it was time to stay up late and snuggle by the campfire while eating s'mores and making scary faces in the tent:

(Campfire cuddles with Jada!)

(Family Hug)

(AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Scary Jada face!)

(Jada in her butterfly sleeping bag complete with flashlight and water bottle!)

Friday proved be a great day so we knew that Saturday was going to be even better! We woke SO early Saturday morning (5 a.m. to be exact!!!) and decided that it would be a ton of fun to make morning marshmallows. I mean, When else do you get to eat marshmallows first thing in the morning- why not during a special camping weekend!!!

After we took a small rest back in the tent we got back up and ate donuts for breakfast... later Jada also went to the Host Tent with Max for some complimentary hot chocolate and an extra donut hole!

If all of that wasn't fun enough, we surprised Jada with a canoe ride!!! Unfortunately, we had a HUGE rain storm for about 30 minutes before we could go. So we had to hide out in the tent!!!

It eventually cleared up and we were out of the tent and ready for a relaxing canoe ride (at least for Jada and I. Reon ended up doing ALL of the rowing, with a little bit of "help" from Jada sticking the ore in the water to "catch" fish for her restaurant!)

We really enjoyed the campsite that we were staying at. They organized ALL these different activities for the kids to keep them entertained and to also learn about nature so that they wouldn't be as scared during the night. Saturday night, it was "Batty Up!" time. It was a nighttime hike into the woods to learn, play and look for Bats. Jada got all ready; bug spray, comfy shoes, flashlight, comfortable nature-friendly-clothes, and a smile! She was ready to go!!

There's Jada with her Bat Buddy, Max. It was pretty dark but if you look closely you can see them.)

She made it about 20 minutes into the hike before she got a little too scared of how dark it was! So, we made some more S'mores and played a dice game and then headed off to sleep!!!

Overall, We think that the weekend went great!!! We had a blast with all the activities and can't wait to go back. Now, it is time for a little Finding Nemo, popcorn and relaxation!!!