Monday, May 25, 2009

Update Catch Up -- PART 1

Get comfy in your seats because here comes a month of catch up blogging!!!

So, way back in April, Reon's cousin Claudette got married. Unfortuantely Reon was unable to attend because he was out of town for work. However, it gave me an opportunity to have a girl's weekend with my friend Kristin!!

We headed out to Canada for the beautiful ceremony in Amherstburg. It was a gorgeous day for a wedding! So sunny and warm!
Claudette looked absolutely stunning and was glowing the entire time!
After the vows and exchanging of the rings, Kristin and I headed back to the hotel to "freshen up" and get our party attire on!
Some random shots of the rest of the wedding:

Poker faces (thanks to Lady Gaga!!)...

What is a wedding without some classic Jarrod moves?!?!...

...And some drinks (Mark doesn't seem to like

Congrats Claudette and Jason! We had a blast!

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  1. Kris said...
    great recap! Thanks again for inviting me...had a blast!! :)

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