Monday, May 25, 2009

Update Catch Up -- PART 2

Here's some more updating...

The weekend after the wedding, Reon and I headed to Toronto for our monthly visit with Jarrod and Amy. It was another gorgeous weekend (weather wise) so we decided to head downtown for some good fun at the St. Lawrence Market!

It was really neat to actually be inside the fresh market with all the fish, fruits, homemade pastas and MUCH more. It was a sight I have always wanted to see and experience but never thought I would! (I was having such a blast checking everyhting out I unfortunately forgot to take any pics of the inside -- oops!!!

It was a great part of town with little booths lining the streets. They each had eccentric items and beautifully handmade jewelry. Reon bought me an incredible necklace that I am so in love with! **xoxo**
After wandering the streets we did stop to eat down the road with charming buildings surrounding us. (If you look closely you can see part of the necklace...)
The wind started to pick up so we headed back to their house so that we could get ready to go to some other friends' house for dinner. Our plans were put on hold when all of a sudden threatening clouds started rolling in...

...the wind was swirling so quickly that the house started shaking and we heard loud howling whipping around the property. Amy and I decided to head down stairs just in case, when Reon and Jarrod came flying around the corner with panic looks on their faces! This is why:
These pics were taken the next morning (note: Here's some perspective -- Reon is on top of the trunk and it 6'3" Jarrod is at the base of the tree with the roots and is 6'1") :
The tree that stood tall for years was uprooted a nearly missed our car by only a few feet! Talk about a crazy turn of events!

The night did end up turning out to be GREAT. Food, friends, games and laughter. What more could you ask for??

P.S. This is Gus, their funny little Cat!


  1. Catherine said...
    I LOVE the St. Laurence Market. When my DH lived in TO he would go almost every weekend. We go everytime we are there for a peameal bacon sandwich (Yum-O). Wow that tree was huge! Can't beleive how close it was to the vehicle!
    Darlene said...
    That looks like it was a blast. I'm sure glad the tree missed you guys! That wouldn't have been good at all with a crumpled vehicle.
    Kris said...
    PHEW!! Lucky it missed the car! Looks like you guys had a blast!

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