Friday, January 25, 2008

I am feeling so great so far in 2008. I don't know if I said before, but, I don't make resolutions for myself because I challenge myself to work hard throughout all the years on MANY goals.

I created my Hopes & Dreams jar for my January's DT challenge and created circles to fill up the inside. I created a circle that read, "increase my flexibility with Yoga."

Here's a little background: I danced (all kinds competitively) for YEARS and my worst regret is quitting. I have never found something I have had such a passion for (except scrapping of course) to replace what once was my entire life! Since graduating from College, and having more time on my hands, I realized that I really want to dance again, (another one of my goal circles for 2008.) I have looked into local dance studios that have adult classes but still have technique incorporated (classes for returning dancers). Well, the first step in getting back in this intense sport is to regain my flexibility!

I joined a yoga class, have had 3 classes, and I can already see the flexibility stretching back in my body! I am ecstatic! I'll soon be able to complete one of my 12 goal circles (so far) for 2008 and work towards completing the goal of recommitting to dance.