Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today we went Apple Picking with Kristin and Mark. We had such a fun time. Who knew that walking around and orchard and picking apples for a couple hours could be so entertaining!

(Erwin's Orchard)

I have to say though, I believe it was made entertaining mostly by the guys. They are the ones who decided that it would be hilarious to taste test the apples along the way to see which ones we should pick.
(The tractor ride)

(Taste Testing)


(Apple Excitement!)

Reon had a goal all of his own. His mission seemed to be one of a good Samaritan to the other apple pickers in the Orchard. He went around to try to find the apples that "no one would want" pick them and throw them away. I have to give it to him to be so kind to alleviate the stress of picking the "bad ones" of the tree so that people could get to the good ones easier. That's my husband- always thinking of others :-)

(Height Counts!)

When we got there the line was outrageously LONG! It did move quickly however if I had to estimate there were probably 200 people in line to go on the tractor ride to the orchard and 250+ in line for the Cider Mill.
(The Wait)

Once we got up to the cashier to buy our bag, we didn't think that you could fit the 25 apples in our bag that they were claiming. That was MY mission. To fit as many apples in the bag as I could. I wanted my money's worth of our Peck!

(In the Orchard)

I have counted how many apples we stuffed in the bag... the number amazes me! 45! I am happy to know that I spent ONLY $0.22 on each apple. With all those apples, we sure are going to be eating a lot of pie!
(Mission Complete)

The Other One

Here's the LO that I needed to finish up before I posted. This is Aleta Maurina - one of the adorable twins.

The journaling reads: The beauty of a girl cannot be mimicked, fabricated, or created by human means, it only occurs naturally. ~ Pam Callaghan

The overlay is titled Beauty and has the quote, "beauty is a light in the heart"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alright, so first I have to say; I never thought I would be so tired from a scrapbooking weekend. It was all relaxation, scrapping, massages, food, and fun girl talk! LOL. One big pajama party, but an exhausting one at that. I came home and actually had to take a nap!

I had such a blast this weekend. I did a lot of creating and actually learned a lot about myself as a scrapbooker. I realized that not only am I an organized scrapbooker but I scrapbook as a therapeutic outlet. I enjoy the soft, soothing music on my iPod- it inspires me to let my inner self come out on my pages.

I got to the hotel (which was beautiful and luxurious!) at around 4 p.m. on Friday. I created my menu for the meals we were given (that was the best, we got to order what we wanted. All from great places, one of my favorites being Panera Bread Company.) Then, I signed up for my massage for Saturday. Once I got situated I started scrapping (getting used to my new creative space for a few days). It was so great to see everyone having such a great time.

Each day we were given little surprises. When we arrived, they had a packet with our name (it contained all the information we needed for the weekend, i.e. the itinerary) There was also a goodie bag awaiting us, which had a beautiful insulated mug (mine is pink!), chapstick, popcorn, Certs, and gum. It was perfect. Saturday's gift was a little photo organizer box, it is darling. Sunday we were given a hand-made thank you card complete with a note to each of us AND a bunch of stickers. The whole thing was so well organized and thoughtful!

I am a little sad that it is over, but I am happy to be back with my hubby! He got back from the Jeep Jamboree at around 6. We both had fun weekends to share stories about, his being a bit more adventurous then mine!

Here is what I accomplished!

This is my sketch book that I have been wanting to alter for a LONG time! I tend to sketch out my scrapbook Layouts so I wanted my book to be a creative piece to hold all of my ideas too! It has a section for LO sketches, journaling, and quotes. It also has pockets in case I need to slip pieces of inspiration inside!




"Perfect Family"


"Wedding Happiness"

(One more LO to come, I have to finish the journaling and then I will post that too!) TFL!