Friday, June 19, 2009

Stanley Cup Finals GRRRR!

Last Friday, we headed over to our friends' house to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. It was a pretty big deal considering Reon's fav team is the Pittsburgh Penguins and mine is OBVIOUSLY Detroit Red Wings. Last year, we had the same match up with the Red Wings taking the cup!!!!

Unfortunately, this year's conclusion was not so victorious for Detroit... :(

Here is what the "match up" looked like not only on the ice but between Reon and me.... (not to mention a bit of taunting from our friends who are die hard Wings fans!)

A little penguin humor

Friendly opponents...

....not anymore - THE BATTLE

Me, numbing the pain of the goals against the Wings (while still showing my support)

Although we lost, we did lose with dignity and to the :::cough cough::: better team :::cough cough::: (did I say that?) ---at least ONLY for this year!!


  1. Ouyang Dan said...
    Gah! It was a bummer! I felt like I was going to go nuts waiting to get news all the way over here! I didn't know you had a household rivalry! HA! Chi and I have one over football, because he likes the Packers. I finally got him hooked on Hockey this year though, with that one game we went to.

    Jada has that same foam finger proudly on display in her bedroom. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing, it was fun to see!
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